Accommodating intercultural encounters elaborations and extensions

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Part II includes theories on intercultural communication competence and adaptation, and Part III focuses on specific contexts for intercultural communication, such as health and small groups.

Continuing the series tradition, Intercultural Communication Theory is of great importance to scholars and students in interpersonal, speech, intercultural, and organizational communication as well as ethnic studies.

The text advances some of the work from previous International and Intercultural Communication Annuals and also introduces new theoretical developments.

These diverse explanatory approaches offer guidelines for investigating the complex phenomenon of intercultural communication.

La méthode des incidents critiques est une technique qualitative d'interview qui facilite l’étude d’événements significatifs (incidents, processus, ou questions) identifiés par la personne impliquée dans ces évènements, la façon avec laquelle ils sont gérés, et les effets en termes d'affects perçus.

L'objectif est de mieux comprendre l'incident du point de vue de l'individu, en tenant compte des éléments cognitifs, affectifs et comportementaux (Chell, 1998).

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Today, the traditional American ideology rooted in the primacy of the individual is challenged by the ideology of pluralism, a conflict that has galvanized many Americans into us-against-them posturing in the form of what is commonly referred to as "identity politics" or "politics of difference."Social scientists have attempted to find systematic ways to understand the nature of interethnic relations in general, and interethnic communication behavior in particular.

"The reconstruction of intercultural discourse: Methodological considerations." .

Complaints: a study of speech act behaviour among native and non-native speakers of Hebrew.

Sociologists have examined interethnic relations mainly from the perspective of society, focusing on macro-structural factors such as social stratification and resource distribution.

Published in cooperation with the Speech Communication Association Division on International and Intercultural Communication Comprehensive and far-reaching, Intercultural Communication Theory brings together current theories on this important and ever-growing area: intercultural communication.

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